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There is nothing like a good, true story to inspire me during the course of my continuing work. I feel like I am participating in and witnessing miracles every day. The next pages contain some real stories of healing experiences from some of my favorite people. Hope you enjoy them! Some of these stories are in text form and are audios. You can listen to them with your computer speakers TURNED ON.

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Shares his Experiences

Natural healing is sometimes the quickest and best route to relief for sciatica, shoulder pains and other common musculoskeletal complaints. Barth T. Conard, M.D. shares his insights and experiences.

Here are several more accounts of people receiving dramatic help, including one from a prominent Houston Rolfer.


Relief from Severe Osteoarthritis Pain

Turn Your Speakers ON and Listen to Linda Connelly's Experience!


Peace of Mind for Future Health

Rob could barely move because of back pain and was fine after two visits.I met Dr. Stuart Marmorstein in 1982 when I was barely able to move. Many in my office knew Stuart and recommended I go see the "back guru." I didn't waste any time. In two visits I was 100% and was told to come in for a "tune up" whenever necessary. I had expected to be seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week for months.

In the few instances where I had a pain in my back in the next few years I'd see Stuart and get immediate relief. He was doing Directional Non-Force Technique at the time.

Next thing I knew Stuart had moved to New York without checking with me first and I had a very acute back injury. That's when I found out how much I missed Stuart. I was unable to sit or stand for more than a minute for quite a while, got no relief from visiting two other chiropractors and was unable to work for months.

Finally, with some physical therapy, neuromuscular therapy and time I was able to work again, but I had persistent, residual pain for a long time. I finally found another chiropractor trained in DNFT and got help, but I sure missed Stuart. I had fear that I would reinjure my back and be unable to make a living.

Years later, I discovered that Stuart was back in Houston and I have been back in his care ever since. I rarely have a physical complaint but I know that it will last only until my next appointment with Stuart.

My wife, Beth thinks Stuart hung the moon because her neck no longer "goes out" every other week. I have enthusiastically referred Stuart to my friends and each one has had some kind of life-enhancing shift in well-being. My best friend no longer fears the ferocious headaches that plagued her quite frequently. I could tell she thought she would have to live with the pain forever. Stuart made them go away. Yeah, Stuart!

It's so great to know that I have Stuart as a resource. I no longer fear that I'll do something to my back that will keep me from being able to work. I know that whatever it is, Stuart will have a ready solution. My peace of mind for my future health now resides with Dr. Stuart. I know also that that's where I will find the latest and best treatment possible because Stuart is always learning something new.

Rob Longenecker
Personal Coach/Speaker
EFT and BSFF Facilitator/Trainer
713.267.4821 Office
713.545.9185 Mobile


Help for arthritic knees, back and neck; acid reflux, asthma, allergy symptoms and breathing problems

Charlotte had asthma, arthritis, allergies, reflux, bronchitis, neck and back trouble I have been a patient of Dr. Stuart's since May 4, 2007 and have had numerous medical problems over the years.

The main problem is knees so stiff and swollen that it has been hard to move around and walk for the last five years. The orthopedic said I have osteoarthritis really bad and need both knees replaced but they did not want to do surgery on my knees for another 10 years because of my age and the replacements only last 10 to 15 years. In 2005 I received a series of Hyalgan shots in each knee, one a week for three weeks. I am allergic to the shots and was sick for three months after the shots. The shots helped a little but not much. I then went to acupuncture and it helped but I still knew I had problem knees and could not stand the pain for another 10 years. Since 2005 I had been taking Celebrex, which the orthopedic said I would take every day for the rest of my life. I would also lose my balance often as my knees did not want to move. If I moved my knees while trying to sleep at night they would hurt.

Dr. Stuart is truly a MIRACLE WORKER. Several Saturday's ago (September 2007) I had a pain free day from hurting knees. It did not hurt to walk, sit or recline. There was absolutely NO PAIN. In the last three years, I had not been free from knee pain. Again yesterday I had no knee pain. Dr. Stuart has worked on MY numerous problems, from my head to my toes. In the past I have had a car wreck, cement truck hit me, neck and back problems, neck surgery, acid reflux, asthmatic bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and many other medical issues.

I am amazed every time I leave his office as another miracle has just happened. He is truly a gift from GOD. Today, September 18, 2007, I spent most of the day at St. Luke's Hospital with my friend who had a heart cath. When the nurse was wheeling him to the car, I kept up with them. It almost seemed like she was running with the wheel chair. I commented that I cannot believe I am able to walk this fast and my knees barely hurt. My friend says he can give a testimony of my improvement since going to Dr. Stuart. He took me to my second visit in May 2007 to Dr. Stuart. On the way to the car he said he could tell an immediate difference because I was walking to the car much faster than I had walked from the car to Dr. Stuart's office.

Now I only take Celebrex when there seems to be a change in the weather and I am in severe pain. I have probably taken 10 Celebrex since going to see Dr. Stuart, which has only been four months. My acid reflux is minimal and I have not had allergy or breathing problems.

Charlotte Peters, Deer Park, TX
September 18, 2007


2-Year-Old Hears and Speaks after Bio Cranial Treatments

When my daughter Grace was 2 years old, she was saying very few words so we took her to an ENT for a hearing test. Not only was there fluid in her inner ear, but she failed the hearing test in her left ear. Over the next 6 months, her hearing was tested repeatedly and each time, she failed the hearing test in the left ear. This meant she could not hear out of one ear!!!

We did not want to continue giving her antibiotics because of the negative side effects, and often, with antibiotic treatment, the infection soon reappears. Our other choice was to have tubes put in her ears so that the fluid would drain from her inner ear. This surgery requires the patient to have general anesthesia. There are many risks to anesthesia, especially with a 2-year-old.

A friend told us about Dr. Marmorstein and his unique biocranial technique. As far as we were concerned, the decision to try a natural solution versus a general anesthetic was not difficult.

I was a little nervous about putting my 2-year-old baby in the hands of someone I didn't know, but Dr. Marmorstein treated her with such gentle care, as if she were his own daughter. She had 3 treatments over a week period because we came from out of town.

Three weeks later, we visited the ENT again.

The fluid on her inner ear had COMPLETELY disappeared AND the hearing test showed that her hearing in both ears was COMPLETELY NORMAL!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly, the little girl who said only a few words was talking all the time and had much to say!!!!

I would highly recommend Dr. Marmorstein to any parent who is looking for alternatives to drugs/techniques with potentially harmful side-effects for their children.

Also, my sister, who lives in California, takes my 10-year-old nephew to a chiropractor who was trained by Dr. Marmorstein and the trouble my nephew was having with upper respiratory infections has disappeared.

I am so grateful for the work Dr. Marmorstein did for my daughter, Grace. He is wonderful.

Laura Lane
Allen, Texas


Pain Free and Loving It!

Gloria Evans
Houston, TX


Twenty Years of Headaches Over

Julie suffered with sinus headaches

A friend referred me to Dr. Marmorstein because I suffered for years with frequent sinus headaches. I had tried many other approaches unsuccessfully. After just a few visits, I had my first headache-free week in over twenty years, and I'm thrilled! He explained how he found the factors that were causing my headaches, and everything made sense. I'd be happy to recommend him to anyone.

Julie Pittman, Sales Executive
Houston, Texas


Immediate Help with Whiplash Pain

I am a musician, artist and instructor. I have had whiplash three times. About a year ago the pain in my neck and head became so intense I was going to stop performing. I did research on alternative methods of pain management and found Dr. Marmorstein. Dr. Marmorstein performed biocranial therapy on me and I experienced about a 90% reduction in pain that day. I continued to see him and became pain free and healthier in other areas, as well. I have given his name to over 40 people who I hope have been wise enough to explore the unknown but efficacious arena of BCT. He is a skilled and intuitive practitioner and I hope other people who are suffering will contact him.

Anne, Houston


Multiple Health Concerns

Paula suffered from tennis elbow, headaches, jaw and tooth grinding, night sweats, mood swings and hot flashes

Back in July of 2004 I had the average amount of health concerns for a middle aged woman. That was until I met Dr. Stuart Marmorstein. After 4 treatments, my "tennis elbow" disappeared, my cyst in my wrist shrunk to half the size, I no longer wake up in the morning with headaches from grinding my teeth due to TMJ and my body has allowed itself to make great strides toward menopause without the nightsweats, mood swings, hot flashes and other common symtoms. The four treatments have positively impacted my life!

Paula Steinberg, Teacher - Florida


Immediate Relief After Head Injury

Margaret recovered quickly from a head injury caused by a blow to her forehead

Today, I saw Dr Stuart Marmorstein for an adjustment. He did his usual excellent work on me. I went off feeling great to go to a meeting only to find one of the tires on my car nearly flat! As luck would have it there was a service station right around the corner. I gingerly drove there and filled the tire with air. As I returned the hose to the pump trying to avoid the rather large and poorly situated drain grate I lost my balance. I grabbed at my car door to keep from falling. Unfortunately the edge of the car door hit my forehead with a resounding crack! The right side of my face near my hair line took the sharp edged impact and I saw stars as I felt my head and neck whip lashed back!

My first thought was to go back to Dr Marmorstein's office and ask if he might be able to see me again. He very graciously managed to fit me in to his busy schedule and gave me another bio-cranial adjustment. As he helped me to sit up I realized I no longer felt any pain in my neck and head and even the lump on my forehead felt smaller! You can see by the photo taken 4 hours later that the bump on my forehead is hardly noticeable.

The shift I experienced with the adjustment was dramatic. It is clear to me I would not have been able to go on about my business today with the ease and comfort I did without Dr Marmorstein's excellent work!

Margaret Losinski
Sculptor, Houston, TX


Neck pain and hiatus hernia: GONE!

Wendy Bullock was so glad to feel better. Let her tell you.


Jaw Problems for 12 Years

Tracy had TMJ, Carpal Tunnel and tailbone problems.

For the past 12 years of my life I have been dealing with a bad case of TMJ, due to a horrible car accident. I've been to many specialists and dentists that have repeatedly told me that I would either have to live with the pain or have a surgery done to correct my jaw. I met Dr. Stuart at a Chamber function and decided to go see if there was anything that he could do for the constant pain that I was having. The day after my second visit with Dr. Stuart, I was having lunch with my husband and I realized that it was the first time that I had ever been completely pain free in my jaw for the past 12 years! Not only did he help with my jaw problems but also with my tail bone issues as well as Carpal Tunnel. I encourage all to go see Dr. Stuart, he's number one in my book!

Tracy Brainerd, President / Owner braintek www.braintek.com
a full service computer networking company


Low back pain gone after 12 years. Even surgery didn't help!

Skeptical? Click here to listen to Dorothy Carr's sensational story.


Another Bad TMJ Bites the Dust

I am a 31 year old female from the New Orleans area. I had been suffering with TMJ. My jaw was locked for about 6 months and I was suffering from terrible headaches and jaw pain.

I saw several doctors and was getting no relief. Muscle relaxer medication was just not for me. Surgery was the next option, but I was terrified of the idea of having surgery on my jaw.

I found out about Dr. Marmorstein from a close family friend. I had never heard of Bio Cranial therapy before and I certainly wanted to try all options other than surgery. I traveled to Houston to see Dr. Marmorstein and had life changing results.

Just a few days after the first treatment I was waking up without my usual headache. I could yawn like a normal person. I could open my mouth up without extreme pain. I had tears of happiness. Soon, I was eating things I hadn't been able to for more than six months.

I can never thank Dr. Marmorstein enough for his help. His work and methods are amazing. He didn't need to look at X-Rays or MRI's. The tests are simple and there's nothing invasive about any of it.. I have told all of my friends and family about Dr. Marmorstein. I have two small children and a husband that suffers from back pain. I plan on taking them back to Houston with me to be looked at by Dr. Marmorstein. Even if I had to travel half way around the world it would be more than worth it.

I highly recommend Dr. Marmorstein and Bio Cranial therapy for everyone and anyone especially suffering from TMJ. He understands TMJ and knows how to help. I am eternally grateful to him for his help and kindness.

Thank you so much.

Stephanie Adair
owner/Afcom Inc.
New Orleans, LA


No more burning, stinging eyes!

CranioBiotic Technique (formerly AllerTouch) eliminates the problem.


Personal Trainer Gets Second Chance

Chris, a personal trainer, got rid of hip pain and improved shoulder range of motion and pain.

As a heath and fitness professional (personal trainer) and longtime exercise enthusiast, I practice what I teach to my clients. Exercise (weight training, cardio, core work, and stretching) and a balanced nutritional plan are part of my daily routine. However, over the years I have developed several 'mechanical' issues that made my training less than desired at times. I was diagnosed with an inoperable cyst on my lower spine, that frequently puts enough pressure on my sciatic nerve that I had to curtail most of my jogging and limit many hamstring exercises. I also have arthritis near my shoulder, and have been dealing with severe shoulder impingement for many years, making it painful to perform many exercises. Although I have continued to workout, I had to change what I do and don't do to protect afflicted joints and tendons.

I heard about Dr. Stuart from two of my clients, and decided it couldn't hurt to investigate into his techniques. After only four treatments, I am able to run again without hip pain, do hamstring exercises increasing weights heavier than I've done in years, have full range of motion in my shoulder, and am almost pain free.

I truly feel like I've been given a 2nd chance to continue my commitment to personal fitness and my passion to help others get and stay fit. I'm thankful every day for this new (or should I say old) found freedom from pain and frustration. It's (almost) a miracle?

Chris Shenkman, Certified Personal Trainer,
Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist
Houston, TX 713.304.0345, cshenkman@houston.rr.com


6 Years of Heel Pain

Ilene got rid of her heel and foot pain quickly

As I sit here with tears of happiness flowing freely down my face and being pain free for the first time in over 6 years, I am totally blown away of how simple the fix was. See, when you are in pain......you never stop searching for a way to kill the pain.

My heels on both feet have kept me in excruciating, severe pain, for 6 years and I have tried all sorts of ways to end the pain.

When I heard Dr. Stuart Marmorstein give a lecture on Bio Cranial System, I could hardly wait to go in for an office visit. This is the greatest and best thing I could ever do for myself.

I highly recommend that anyone, with any kind of health issues and/or pain of any kind........Go, NO........Run as fast as you can and see Dr. Stuart Marmorstein. You will forever be changed and will always be thankful for such a wonderful way to get the correct medical health care that you know you need.

Any one who wants to verify this information can contact me thru e-mail at lavendernlace77378@yahoo.com

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Stuart Marmorstein and his quest for making the human body healthy.........Thank-You for giving me back my feet....PAIN FREE.

Most Truly,

Ilean Irwin - Willis, TX


Overall health better. Shoulder, too!

Terie McClintock gets her shoulder motion back.


A Normal Neck

I am a 56-year-old male who came to see Dr. Marmorstein for chronic pain in the back of my neck, which had evolved to the point where I had lost the ability to turn my head left and right in a full range of motion.

Dr. Marmorstein listened to me, asked good questions, told me what it was that he did and explained what he proposed to do. He then performed simple, non-invasive tests that formed his diagnosis, and proceeded to treat me using the bio-cranial adjustment procedures.

I felt little discomfort in the adjustments, and began to experience the beginnings of relief at the first visit. Three treatments later, the stiffness, pain and discomfort that I had experienced for about two years had disappeared. Subsequent visits have brought back the expanded range of motion that allows me to turn my head, to drive and to enjoy life again.

I recommend Dr. Marmorstein because of the results that he has achieved with me, his manner, and for the healing that he is able to produce. I find his methods to be superior to standard chiropractic intervention because of the ease in which my body has accepted them, and for the extent to which they have helped me rise out of pain and discomfort.

Kevin Smith - Houston, Texas Phone: 713-858-1330


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