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Faster improvement? Longer lasting results? Someone who understands that YOU are unique and complex, and treats you accordingly?

The clinical results we have achieved with thousands of people like you are directly related to how well we do at finding the TRUE source of your problems. Do you dream of feeling well enough to really enjoy life, yet nothing has worked for you so far? Don't give up! Maybe you've been told that your poor physical state is all your fault. Though you haven't gotten better yet (not for lack of trying), something in you suspects that there is another explanation--and a solution--for you.

Please note: Dr. Stuart Marmorstein has been updating and enhancing his diagnostic and therapeutic approaches over the last few years. He is now including four major new methods in his practice.
These approaches, which can speed your relief, recovery and stabilization, include:
1) Cranial Restoration System
2) Pain Neutralization Techniques
3) Injury Recall Technique
4) BioSequencing
You can read the short version here.
Currently, there aren't any other practitioners anywhere who use the same safe and effective combination of procedures that Dr. Marmorstein uses in his practice, and patients routinely travel to Houston from all over the world to work with him, specifically.
If you do not believe this is possible for you, please visit this page..

Did you know that...

  • Seemingly insignificant head injuries dating back to birth or even to life in the womb are probably hurting you now, decades later? These cranial imbalances can be substantially improved, regardless of how old you are! Learn more here.
  • Brain-based treatments can dramatically reduce the need for spinal treatments?
  • Many chiropractic subluxations return because of unresolved stress on internal organs? The right diet and whole food supplements may quickly alleviate the whole problem!
  • Emotional stress can temporarily "turn off" muscles and set you up for neck, back and other injuries? You can stop this from happening, if you know how.
  • Simple and natural methods can help your immune system so you have fewer problems with allergic symptoms and illnesses.

Bio Cranial Intro Video by Dr. Stuart Marmorstein, DC of Houston, TX Click the picture to watch Bio Cranial expert Dr. Stuart Marmorstein of Houston, Texas explain the Bio Cranial System of health care in this video. Dr. Marmorstein has served as a Senior Instructor for the Bio Cranial Institute, and holds the D.B.C.S. (Diplomate in the Bio Cranial System)--the highest level of accomplishment in this field. He has also taught for the Cranial Spinal Integration (CSi) classes. He is the first chiropractor to practice either method in Texas. He has helped to develop an advanced method called Cranial Restoration System, which is now his preferred method of cranial adjusting.

What about wellness?

Dolly can now exercise without her back going out.Chiropractic on a Higher Level

I feel terrific after the treatment and float out of there. It lasts longer than any chiropractic adjustment I've ever had. My spine used to go out after I'd exercise, and now my spine doesn't go out. This is chiropractic on a higher level.

Dolly Davenport, Houston, Texas

This stuff works! Want proof?

Danette before treatment. Very inflamed.Danette 10 minutes after treatment treatment. Much improveded.Before and after thermographic images of the same low back patient, taken ten minutes apart.

This patient was treated with CRANIAL work, alone. No direct spinal treatment was performed. Inflammation dramatically decreased immediately after Bio Cranial work was performed. See more like these here.

You can feel comfortable knowing that the techniques we use are safe, effective, and compatible with your condition. The testing methods we use are also non-invasive and accurate, using your brain and nervous system to monitor your ability to function. These methods enable us to keep track of the progress you are making, moment to moment, and visit to visit.

From the Media

Contact Talk Radio Personality VaishaliDownload this revealing interview with Contact Talk Radio Personality Vaishali. She talks with Dr. Stuart Marmorstein about his philosophy of healing and his methods. Right-click this link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and save it to your computer. You can listen to it on your computer or favorite MP3 player. Please note: Most audios on this website can be played directly online, but this one cannot because of length (approximately 57 minutes.) This interview took place in December of 2006. Here is a second interview, done in November of 2007.

cover from Chiropractic Products Magazine, September 2001Read the first article published in a national publication about Dr. Marmorstein's use of Bio Cranial in an American chiropractic practice. It appeared as the cover story in the September, 2001 edition of Chiropractic Products Magazine. The emphasis in Dr. Marmorstein's practice is on finding and correcting the deeper underlying causes of recurring or persistant spinal misalignments, rather than on frequent or repetitive adjusting.

CranioBiotic Technique video Watch a video interview of a CranioBiotic Technique practitioner on CBS news. Dr. M. Anthony Smith, an innovative chiropractor from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, has taught me his system for dealing with OTHER health stressors. His CranioBiotic Technique (formerly known as AllerTouch) uses Muscle Response Testing to find hidden problems that block energy and healing potential.

CBT uses gentle energetic methods to help the immune system fight chronic infections, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, allergies, scar tissue and more. Dealing with these often-ignored issues can change your life.

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