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You are a savvy healthcare consumer.

You want...and deserve...value for your healthcare dollar.

Bio Cranial care is by nature very efficient. Because we are getting to the "problem behind the problem" by working with deep control mechanisms in the body, patients generally require a fraction of the visits they would need if they were seeing more traditional practitioners. Our motto is: "Quicker results, that last."

I use a variety of non-invasive testing methods to determine how you are responding to your Bio Cranial treatments. If you are seeing other practitioners who are using laboratory or radiological methods to evaluate your progress, we don't duplicate their testing, saving you money.

We do not take insurance assignment of ANY kind; nor do we extend credit. This eliminates a lot of paperwork, and the need for us to hire personnel to handle billing. Our fee schedule reflects this savings in our overhead. We do accept cash, checks and credit cards in our offices. Some people also pay for their visits at a lower rate by purchasing packages, which is explained below.

Our fee schedule offers two basic options: Paying by the visit, or by purchasing a money-saving package for yourself, or for you and other people in your family or company. Individual visits are $150 for a first time patient or for a longer exam visit. This includes consultation, examination and first treatment. Office visits after that are currently $75. We reserve the right to raise our fees at any time.

Packages are $600 prepaid, which gives you ten visits. Initial visits count as two visits in the package. Longer CranioBiotic Technique exam visits also count as double visits and do not include a Bio Cranial correction. Our computer will track use of the visits, which may be shared among members of a family, company, or group of friends. As long as the package has not been used up, there will be no additional charge for prepaid services, even if we raise our fees. We reserve the right to discontinue offering packages at any time, but will honor visits that you have already purchased.

We take VISA, MasterCard and AMEX

Our appointment calendar is very busy, and we routinely have to schedule people further into the future than they--and we--might like. Because of this reality, we need you to cancel appointments by phone 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged, which can take the form of deducting visits from a package. We cannot accept cancellations made by email. Please CALL 713.831.6875 between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday about matters pertaining to appointment scheduling or changes.

We will decide together whether it makes sense for me to treat you.

Our working together is a matter of choice. If either of us decides that based on your condition, beliefs, attitudes or other factors it does not make sense for us to work in partnership to improve or maintain your health, I will do my best to suggest an alternative practitioner to you.