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Please note: Dr. Stuart Marmorstein has been updating and enhancing his diagnostic and therapeutic approaches over the last few years. He is now including four major new methods in his practice.

These approaches, which can speed your relief, recovery and stabilization, include:

Cranial Restoration System, Pain Neutralization Techniques, Injury Recall Technique and BioSequencing. You can read a short description of these methods here. You may find links on this site to pages that describe healing techniques that are used more occasionally in our office.

Dynamic Doctoring for Accelerated Results

by Stuart C. Marmorstein, DC, former* Senior Instructor for the Bio Cranial Institute
co-author of A Healthier You with Deepak Chopra, MD and others

Your body can reconnect to a generator of healing power that brings you face to face with an improved version of yourself. More sparkle in the eyes, more confidence, more energy. Freedom from pain. Whether you want help with musculoskeletal problems, health and energy issues, stress, athletic or academic performance; or you need wellness care, there is one key question: Is your healing power rushing like a whitewater river, or is it circling the drain?

When you are the doctor, every patient suddenly turns into your mother, brother or granddaughter. They couldn't care less that you have treated the rich and famous or taught post-graduate classes in advanced healing techniques; they want to know whether you can make sense out of a deluge of physical and verbal data, and flip on the "feel-good switch."

True confession: Once upon a time, I was a typical chiropractic patient wanting my "feel-good switch" turned on. Tight neck and shoulders, sore back. I was also a busy Manhattan chiropractor. After a week of bending over tables resculpting spines with my bare hands, I felt like I had been wrestling crocodiles in the Everglades. After several years of swapping weekly adjustments with my buddy down the street, I wondered whether this weren't a different sort of crock? Bottom line: I wasn't really getting better; I was in a frustrating and bewildering holding pattern, knowing that there must be something better for me and my patients. But what?

Cranial 101: The spine is connected to the head!

A spine without a head is like...a body without a brain! Bio Cranial Therapy came to me as Divine Revelation. I'll be forever grateful for having had the chance to study it with its originator. After just a few treatments, I was no longer an adjustment addict in a holding pattern. My stubborn symptoms receded and I felt rejuvenated: Magic!

Here's the skinny on how it works: The skull is made up of 22 interlocking bony plates. While forming before birth, they were compressed, warped and squeezed out of shape. (Have you ever seen a perfectly symmetrical piece of fruit?) A tough and inflexible lining (Dura Mater) is bonded to the inside surfaces of the skull until death do them part. This Dura comes out of a hole in the back bottom section of the skull where the brain starts to turn into a spinal cord. The dura then grabs the top two bones in the neck and plants roots. Finally it becomes anchored to the sacrum at the bottom of the spine. Anything that creates tension in the lining on the skull end will transfer that pull to the spinal end. If you pull the handle on the little red wagon, the wagon will roll. So much for that mystery: If you have been told you have spinal subluxations (misalignments), you'd better have your head examined so that you won't still have them years from now!

During its travels from the inside of the skull to the sacrum, this lining and its extensions also kink your organs and blood vessels, and even interfere with your pituitary gland (think: "hormone balance!") A misshapen skull also crowds the brain. TMJ trouble? The jawbone (mandible) hinges onto the left and right temporal bones near the ears. If your sunglasses don't sit right on your ears, your jaw won't fit right on your head.

Bio Cranial Therapy allows the body to progressively loosen its death grip, both physically and psychologically. Ancient twists and kinks in the spine, organs and vessels start to ease and untangle, allowing the life-giving flow of energy and information to take place. Very little work needs to be done with the spine directly: It's like finding an unmarked road with breathtaking scenery that shortens your trip by hundreds of dreary miles. Every body needs some of this work, regardless of the diagnoses or labels it has been given.

Cranial 102: Discovering CranioBiotic Technique

After years of refining my Bio Cranial finesse, I became a globe-trotting hot-shot Bio Cranial teacher, presenting a new vision for healthcare to awestruck doctors around the country. Unfortunately, I was also breathing recycled germs on airliners, sleeping enough for half a person, working seven-and-a-half days a week, and partaking of the kind of balanced diet you can get only at Starbucks.

Inevitably, I got sick. It started with the sniffles and a little cough. When the MD scanned my chest x-rays and inquired whether I smoked, I began to wonder whether I needed to add something to my regimen of Bio Cranial care, especially after two rounds of antibiotics left me with a furious Candida (yeast) infection, and I was no much the better for wear. It was time to become a student guinea pig, once again. If I survived, I'd have another surpassing technique for my patients. My new teacher nervously used me as a model for his first class. To everyone's great relief, he and his new technique triumphed.

This new method, CranioBiotic Technique, got my own immune system to kick in and exterminate the assorted viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and parasites I was hosting. It also cleansed me of age-old heavy metal and toxic chemical deposits and unblocked the nerve flow to organs caused by old scars! After having dragged around for several months, this little guinea pig got his health back within a few short weeks. My allergies were also vanquished. The Head to Foot approach, combining Bio Cranial Therapy and CranioBiotic Technique, has allowed my patients to experience the relief and enhancement that I sought and found for myself.

Putting it All Together 103: It is your turn, now.

Symptoms, x-rays and lab work can indicate that we are out of balance, but they don't tell us why we are out of balance. We need to know WHY if we want to do something that works and truly get better. Suppressing symptoms with meds and naming illnesses are poor substitutes for releasing the health you deserve by getting to the cause!

When you arrive for your first visit, we'll have a simple conversation so that I'll know what benefits you are interested in first, and so that you'll understand what other kinds of help are possible for you and those you care about later on. Then we do some non-invasive functional tests to find out where we're starting. X-rays are not needed for this work, and it can almost always be done without your needing to lie on your stomach. The work we'll do together is both powerful and safe for people regardless of age or condition (baby, elderly, pregnant, etc.); and I believe you'll be very gratified with what we can accomplish.

Best wishes, Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.


"A Paradigm Shift in Diagnosis and Healing"

Herman had shoulder trouble corrected through BioCranial, CranioBiotic and Korean Hand Energetics.

Listen to the experience of a Houston Businessman, Herman Frietsch:

Click the round play button to listen!

Offering advanced processes to help you with:

Musculoskeletal Issues:
Back and neck pain, TMJ (jaw joint) trouble, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand (including carpal tunnel and tendinitis), hip, knee, ankle, foot pain and weakness; sciatica, headaches (including migraines), scoliosis and postural imbalance.

Health Issues:
Low energy and drive, insomnia, chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia and chronic pain (CFIDS), toxicity, allergies, immune/autoimmune issues; respiratory, digestive, menstrual and menopausal distress, recurrent yeast and blood sugar imbalance and other internal problems.

Wellness Care:
Stress management, athletic and academic performance enhancement, care during pregnancy. Helping you stay young and vibrant throughout the life cycle. Family, company and club wellness plans and consulting available.

Health Education:
We can provide lectures and other programs customized for your group by Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein, a former* Senior Instructor for the Bio Cranial Institute and former member of the National Speakers Association.

My name is Gail Brittain and I have been a patient of Click here for more testimonials
Dr. Marmorstein's for 2 years. I am fascinated with
the Biocranial technique since it put my TMJ (jaw)
back in place when no other chiropractor had luck with
doing that for me. With one treatment, the jaw stayed
in place for 11 months.

Recently he has been treating me for allergies. The
food ones I can tell are better as I'm not forming
mucus after eating something I was formerly sensitive
to. Also for thirty years if my car air conditioner
sucked in diesel fumes or other car pollution, I start
coughing & have to roll down windows. I'd be the only
person in the vehicle affected. When Dr. Stuart told
me I was allergic to chemical fumes & smoke, I was
impressed. But NOW, I'm extra impressed since I no
longer cough.

Thank you, Dr. Stuart

Gail Brittain

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* = The Biocranial Institute no longer exists, and the Bio Cranial System, as previously taught, is under the auspices of two different organizations. Dr. Marmorstein currently practices the Cranial Restoration System. This approach is taught to practitioners with a doctorate in the healing arts.