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Cranial (skull) imbalances are one of the biggest and least understood causes of many health problems and chronic pain syndromes. Is the Head Flexible? NASA has shown that it is! Download the article.

The legendary rock band, Chicago receives Bio Cranial care during their tour stops. Recently, Dr. Marmorstein had a chance to work with them when they performed at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands. Read this article about why Chicago chooses this natural healing approach.

The Bio Cranial procedure can correct your spinal alignment non-forcefully, internally and automatically, fostering overall health and well-being. No direct spinal manipulation is necessary.

Click here to watch a ten-minute video of a live talk given by Dr. Marmorstein about the Bio Cranial System and you. Dr. Marmorstein is a member of the National Speakers Association and the International Speakers Netowrk. He would be glad to speak to your group.

Visit our SELF HELP PAGE for information on various health-promoting devices, herbal formulas for you and your pets, secrets of oral hygiene, and more...

You can call 713-831-6875 to make appointments. This page will give you more information about our office location.

The Bio Cranial System helps people with a wide variety of conditions. It is also wonderful for anyone wanting to maintain their health. Visit our testimonials page.

A new book entitled, A Healthier You! was released in August 2005 with sections by Deepak Chopra, Billy Blanks and other authors. It contains a chapter by Dr. Stuart Marmorstein on the Bio Cranial System. Click here to go to our Order Page.

This book can help you make a shift to slimming and healthy approach to eating that will also help to keep your insides cleaner and therefore healthier.

The acupuncturist authors of Between Heaven and Earth have a lot to say about how the Chinese Medicine worldview differs from the Western one. A real eye-opener. Beautifully written.