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Please note that Dr. Marmorstein moved from New York to Texas in the Fall of 2003. Dr. Marmorstein is always happy to treat out-of-state patients on a short term basis.

Growth, Release, Strength.

For me, BCT has assisted my growth, not only by aligning and strengthening me structurally, but by facilitating the release of deeper subtle tissue at the very root of its cause. It is perhaps the most direct and complete form of corrective adjustment that I have experienced with Dr. Marmorstein or anyone else.

Jason Coppola, Polarity Therapist


Hiatus Hernia

A well known NYC artist wrote the following:

I have been suffering from an acute case of Hiatus Hernia for the past several years. I was using the traditional chiropractic treatment, which involved a maneuver that pulled forcefully down on the stomach. This procedure, aside from being quite painful, also began to exacerbate the problem by stretching the area and thereby making my relapses more frequent. I was experiencing constant symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, coughing, and pain in the stomach area. Then a friend of my family told us that she was going to a chiropractor named Dr. Marmorstein who was using a technique called Bio Cranial Therapy, and getting incredible results. After a few more months of constant discomfort I finally decided to try it.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. With only one neck maneuver my entire body was adjusted and the Hiatus Hernia was released without touching my stomach. Unlike my previous experiences, this method provides profound and long-lasting results. I have had a few occasions when the Hiatus Hernia returned, however it is far less frequent and severe, and I know that I have a powerful, safe, and reliable way to treat it with the Bio Cranial Therapy method. I have referred several people to Dr. Marmorstein for various problems and they have all experienced the same wonderful results. I am incredibly grateful to have learned about Bio Cranial, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help, as well as to people who wish to remain healthy.


Lucky to Be Alive.

I am a working Wagnerian Opera singer. Singing Wagner requires a remarkably strong body since, in addition to requiring a lot of volume from the singer, one must sometimes be standing for up to five hours at a time. However, I sing this powerful music with ease. This may not seem like a big deal to you -- until I tell you the condition of my body the day I walked into the office of Dr. Stuart Marmorstein.

Almost ten years ago I fell 25 feet through a trap door in a stage. In addition to sustaining severe injuries to my legs, ribs and head, as a result of the impact on my hips one of my legs was shorter than the other. I walked with a pronounced limp. I had terrible neck and upper back pain and could not sleep at night. At times I had spasms of pain that made my head and neck jerk uncontrollably. I was out of work, on disability. I had tried every kind of physical therapy at many major hospitals, clinics, and private practices in New York. Nothing had worked at all.

On a visit to a masseuse (the only thing that gave me a temporary reprieve from the pain) I was referred to Dr. Marmorstein. I had not heard good things about chiropractic, but I felt I had nothing to lose. Within a few days of treatment with Dr. Marmorstein, I walked without a limp. The pain in my neck and back took a little longer to heal, but I was soon pain free for long periods of time.

...not bad for a woman who was told by several New York MDs that I was “lucky to be alive” so I should just accept that there would be “a lifetime of residual pain” and the fact that I would always limp.

Occasionally I remember the accident I had and how injured I was. But it is hard for me to believe since I am pain-free and so healthy! These days I have adjustments to prevent head colds and other viruses, to regulate hormonal imbalances, as well as to strengthen my immune system to help fight my allergies. When I was pregnant I had regular adjustments and coincidentally had a remarkably easy pregnancy with no sickness or pain.

Stuart Marmorstein is a truly gifted healer. The cranial work he practices is light years ahead of any other therapy I have tried and I know it can have a powerful impact on your life, even if you have never sustained a severe injury.

Alison Bolshoi, Wagnerian Opera Singer

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