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Michael L. McIver, Houston Rolfer recommends Dr. Marmorstein

Houston Rolfer Recommends
Dr. Stuart Marmorstein

Dr. Stuart and I met more than twenty years ago. I have been fascinated to watch Stuart master a set of skills (beginning with his early chiropractic studies at Texas Chiropractic College), help untold numbers of patients with all kinds of bodily problems, and then strike out in a totally new direction as he has become aware of a new technique or procedure with which he can even more effectively serve all of us who benefit from his deft skill,his kind heart, and his remarkable intuition.

Stuart has continued to grow and learn as long as I have known him, often going to considerable sacrifice and taking time away from his family and practice in order to study a new approach he believes will make him a more complete practitioner. I'm proud to call him my friend and have benefitted physically and spiritually from our long association. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Stuart Marmorstein here in Houston.

Michael Laird McIver, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Houston, Texas
Note: Michael is a rare gem. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a Rolfer! SCM.


After one session: total recovery after
fall from horse...20 years ago!

Cecila recovers after fall from horse 20 years ago.

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the amazing job you did using the Bio Cranial technique to work on the right side of my back.

Around twenty years ago I fell from a horse and besides the three months that I spent in recovery from some broken bones in my spine in the lumbar area I have been having this tightness and soreness all over the right side of my back for all these years. I was also diagnosed with scoliosis, which worsens the situation.

Thanks to Dr. Marmorstein and his Bio Cranial expertise, in just one session I was able to move loosely and smoothly again. I feel freer--totally like a different person. The sensation after a treatment is one of peacefulness and more focus. I notice this especially when I perform certain positions in my yoga class and in daily activities that I was not able to do without pain.

My deespest thanks for the help you have brought to humanity in these times.

With all my heart...Cecilia Wheelis


Helps family with sinusitis, knock knees, pronated feet, lack of balance. My friend flies in to see him!

I heard about Dr. Marmostein about a year ago. After one visit, I ran to grab all of my family and tell my friends. He is an angel among us and we were blessed to have him be in our path. We have had a lot of different problems, and we are infinitly better. My husband had an ongoing sinusitis his whole life, he is now CURED. My daughter had knock knees and feet that pronated. After one visit, she was literally night and day. I had no balance whatsoever and after a 5 minute treatment, I had balance! There are literally too many things to mention that he fixed. (I told him he had his work cut out for him when we got there.) He is sweet as can be. My friend even flies in to see him!

Lisa Wininger, La Porte, TX

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