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Bio Cranial Therapy™ Restores Normal Life

Denna Ramsey's healing journey from FM (fibromyalgia) with Bio Cranial Therapy performed by Dr. Stuart Marmorstein.

I urge anyone suffering from fibromyalgia to embrace the hope that I am about to share with you. I want you to know you're not crazy and your pain is not psychosomatic. What you are feeling is real. I hope you take my testimonial as honest and serious. I do not want you to go on suffering any longer.

I begin your journey with the miracle answer to all your problems. So what's the miracle? It's all in your head!!!

Imagine your head of 12 or more pounds sitting on top of your neck, shoulders and back, working hard to delegate to your body and muscles all the functions they are going to use during a single day. Now imagine if your head was sitting on your neck and spine in an ever so slightly crooked way. All those signals of communication that are supposed to be telling your muscles to work are not getting told what to do. The solution is so simple and has solved every one of my long list of FM symptoms. It only takes about one minute of your time in front of a Bio Cranial Specialist who performs what is known as the Bio Cranial Therapy. What is the Bio Cranial Therapy? A stretching adjustment of the head allowing it to align properly with the rest of your body. Without cracking a bone or hurting you in any way. What happens to your body from that moment on is a miracle. A journey to a pain free existence.

The immediate relief I experienced was I felt blood and energy flowing from my head to my feet, which had been experiencing pressure, tingling and aching. I noticed my posture appeared to be upright instead of in a slouching position. I began feeling strength in my arms where as before I didn't want anyone or anything to touch me.

I didn't know what was going on, it was all so weird and ever so subtle. Was this just another quack to add to a long list? That is really where my head was. I initially wasn't convinced and didn't believe it was going to work.

An hour after my first session, I was so tired and rightfully so. It appeared that the doctor did all the work, but in fact my body had a lot of healing and catching up to do on its own.

For the next 15 hours, I slept restfully for the first time in a long time and I didn't wake up in any pain. When I did eventually wake up, my eyes opened wide, my body jumped out of bed (which had not happened since I don't remember when). I felt different, I wasn't tired or straining to make it from one room to the next. My mind didn't feel foggy or confused. I wanted to run a marathon and I don't run marathons.

So I began to embrace the idea that something just felt right. Something other than all the medications I had been taking that never seemed to work or offer any relief. I knew right then and there that something had turned out to be my miracle!

The Bio Cranial Therapy and Dr. Stuart Marmorstein, who teaches for the Bio Cranial Institute*, was onto something that my mind, body and soul had been looking and craving for two years.

I urge you again to embrace the hope you are going to be better and will start to improve after your first visit to Dr. Marmorstein's office. You are going to become the healthy, dynamic and vibrant human being that you kept remembering you once were.

I continue to schedule weekly visits to see Dr. Marmorstein for additional tweaking of the neck, shoulder and whatever area I feel I need to have tweaked. I know one day in the near future, these tweaking visits will minimize, as I am no longer on an endless journey. I have found the remedy and it goes without saying, Dr. Marmorstein will not always need to be my doctor, but will continue on as my friend. He began his journey believing that the human body and the function for which it exists, all started in the head, which happens to be on top.**

I believe when the head is screwed on straight, all is right. Dr. Marmorstein is genuinely relieved knowing energy is traveling to all the right places so we can enjoy our life without suffering.

Denna Ramsey

Houston, Texas
April, 2008

* Dr. Marmorstein is no longer teaching for the Bio Cranial Institute, but continues to use Bio Cranial and other advanced cranial methods to help his patients. ** Ms. Ramsey now only receives occasional care.

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