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Feeding Tubes, by Stuart C. Marmorstein, DC

Bio Cranial is a natural health solution for poor digestion, absorption and elimination.

The following article originally appeared in the October, 2004 edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine-Houston

Many healing arts practitioners and consumers have been earnestly searching for the wrong "Holy Grail" when it comes to nutrition. What do I mean by that? We want to know which diet is best for us and which nutrition supplements will keep us young, lean and strong forever. Should we follow Perricone, Atkins, Kushi, Ornish or Dr. Phil when making our food choices? We are also presented with a bewildering array of supplements on health food store, pharmacy, and grocery store shelves as well as on the radio, TV, and Internet. Maybe our next door neighbor represents a network marketing company that sells vitamins. So many opinions; so little time.

Other articles in this issue will talk about the trip from the shopping basket to your pantry and fridge. This article is about the trip starting just outside your mouth and ending in the ultimate consumer: your cells. If you buy the greatest foods and supplements, but cannot transform them into something your body can use for energy, growth, and repair; then health will be elusive.

What are some factors influencing whether or not we can USE what we ingest? We have to be able to successfully digest, absorb, transport, and eliminate waste left over from the food we eat.

One aspect of this is related to our body's neurological or nervous system function. The body is full of tubes of varying diameters. The whole gastrointestinal system is one big tube running from mouth to anus. The muscular walls of this tube must move the food through different stations where it is chemically broken down by enzymes into simpler molecules that our cells can use.

If the messages that control these muscles are garbled, the tone in these muscles will not be synchronized. This poor control of tone will not allow the stuff we put into our mouths gets to the right places at the right times, leading to digestive symptoms and toxic byproducts. It is no accident that the television airwaves are full of commercials touting remedies for acid reflux, constipation, gas and irritable bowel syndrome!

After food is properly broken down, lymphatic and blood vessels transport the nutrients to the farthest reaches of the body. If these tubes are too tightly closed to transport their rich lode of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids vitamins and minerals, we are once again deprived of the good stuff we need.

How can we ensure that our internal feeding tubes get our essential nourishment from source to destination? There are 2 ingredients for success here: 1) Keeping the walls of the tubes from closing in on each other; and 2) Breaking the food down thoroughly enough to go all the way into the cells.

A New Idea: Intrinsic Nutrition

Dr. Robert Boyd, an osteopathic physician from Ireland, believes that many nutritional problems are more related to what the body can do with the food (intrinsic nutrition) than what we put in our mouths (extrinsic nutrition). Dr. Boyd is the founder and developer of the Bio Cranial System. Practitioners in Europe and America often refer to his work as the "Three Minute Miracle" because it profoundly changes human physiology or function at the core level--and does so with lightening speed. Bio Cranial is practiced by primarily by chiropractors, osteopaths, licensed doctors of acupuncture and a few holistically-minded MDs. These doctors have experienced tremendous success with acid reflux, hiatus hernia, constipation, irritable bowel, liver and gallbladder problems and other symptoms related to digestive system incompetence. The work is also effective with all kinds of other physical problems outside of the digestive system and represents a major breakthrough in natural healing. We may be getting back to the earlier days when the same doctor could take care of your back pain, digestion and heart!

How Does Bio Cranial Work?

Bio Cranial focuses on the complex relationship of 22 bones of the head. The 80% of the nervous system comprising the brain resides inside the head, and this nervous system governs the functioning of the entire body. There is a lining that covers the brain. The outer layer of this lining attaches to the inside of the skull bones and is called the Dura Mater, which means "Tough Mother" in Latin. It is the toughest tissue in the body. When the bones of the head don't line up properly with one another, it creates tension in the Dura, which in turn pulls the spine into misalignment. The Dura also connects with the fascia in the body, a type of continuous soft tissue envelope that surrounds our muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and all of our vital organs.

Bio Cranial and the Digestive Process

Bio Cranial Therapy releases the tension that squeezes the envelope around the organs. This tension also causes the nerves to excite the digestive tract and blood vessels to constrict. Most people are walking around in a state of sympathetic nervous system dominance, which is a fancy way of saying stress. Stress directly interferes with the secretion of digestive juices and the normal mucous lining of our gastrointestinal tract. When the head bones don't line up properly with one another, it also creates jaw tension which can make chewing difficult. Chewing is fundamental to mechanically exposing the surface of food to digestive enzymes. Bio Cranial Therapy has helped thousands of people to enjoy relief from digestive dysfunction without the need for medication.

Enzyme Therapy

Many people also need supplemental digestive enzymes. The best ones come from plant sources and work over a broad pH range. Throughout nature, most animals eat food that already contain enzymes needed to help them digest the food. Because we humans cook, dehydrate, freeze and otherwise process foods, most or all of the enzymes present in our food are destroyed.

We normally have a 15-30 minute window to predigest food; including protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids; in the upper part of the stomach. However, this is only the case when adequate enzymes are present. When these enzymes are missing, imbalances are created in the body which can lead to diverse symptoms of stress and inflammation. There are now non-invasive ways to test for specific enzyme deficiencies, as well as scientifically designed products to correct them.


When we can help our bodies prepare to use the high quality foods and supplements that are available to us, we will tend to be healthier and more energetic. We can also avoid having to use medications (including natural ones) just to relieve symptoms caused by a body that needs to get back in balance.

Natural Awakenings is one of the first publications in America outside of professional journals to publish an article on this groundbreaking work. The healing potential of this approach can revolutionize your capacity for self-healing.

There are approximately 300 Certified Bio Cranial Practitioners in the world. The training program is open to primary healing arts practitioners. Our membership includes chiropractors, osteopaths, MD's and other licensed healers. The website for the Bio Cranial Institute,, is divided into 2 areas: one for patients and one for practitioners. My own website has some additional information about The Bio Cranial System and about my practice. Email me for more information.

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