An Open Letter to Chronic Pain Sufferers Worldwide

I am struck by the bravery it takes for people to endure fibromyalgia. It requires even more courage to decide to pursue natural solutions to chronic pain after strong medications fail to provide lasting relief—or sometimes even temporary relief.

On any given week, people drive to Houston from all over Texas and nearby states, and they fly in from around the U.S. and from South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other lands. Chronic pain patients are referred by their M.D.s and dentists. What they have in common is pain...and hope.

I originally sent this information as a reply to emails from around the world to answer most of the questions people ask me about how I successfully treat patients with fibromyalgia. The methods I use have evolved tremendously over the last ten years and are designed to help the patient get both rapid relief AND long lasting recovery. What good is it if someone gets only a short break from the pain... only to have it return and keep them from enjoying a decent quality of life?

Please read this letter as though you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, want the best possible care and are considering becoming a patient, even if you aren’t sure, yet, that you’re ready to make a decision to do so. You will discover how my work with chronic pain patients is different from anything else “out there” and why patients return home and encourage others to visit me, too.

If you have further questions after reading everything I’ve written, please don’t hesitate to write to me (see below), and I will get back to you as soon as possible. There are some resources further down in this letter that could possibly help you if there is just no way for you to travel to Houston so that I can personally take care of you.

Almost a decade ago, Jackie Kidder visited me at my small town office in Conroe, Texas looking for help with fibromyalgia and migraines. Her husband tells her story here. She went from doctor to doctor for an agonizing nine years. They spent over $100,000 out of pocket, and got nowhere.

She got better after coming to see me in Conroe. At the time, the focus of my practice was a cranial adjusting method called Bio Cranial. I used this method IN CONJUNCTION WITH Applied Kinesiology to retrain her muscles to work again. I had already been using these other patient-empowering procedures in my practice for over twenty years.

In addition, I had already developed (and taught) professional seminars in specialized methods based on my own proven research to make them even more effective. Many people heard about her success and started looking for Bio Cranial practitioners, since Bio Cranial was part of the protocol I used to help fibro patients. I was a Senior Instructor in the Bio Cranial organization at that time.

While it is true that I helped to train many doctors in the Bio Cranial method, the late founder of that method did not want me to teach them the muscle strengthening procedures I had been successfully working with, even though I offered to incorporate them into his training program for free. Generally speaking, fibro sufferers who went elsewhere did NOT get the relief they sought without recovering the muscle strength. As long as the muscles fail to support the body adequately during normal daily activities, the patient will strain doing everyday things. Symptoms will remain—or return.

Over the long stretch of years since Jackie Kidder came to see me, I have relocated to Houston, Texas, to have a more central location. My aim has been to refine and improve older methods and add new techniques that give fibro and other chronic pain patients more consistent relief AND stability.

I now offer a unique recipe for taking care of people with problems like yours. By addressing all of the major causes of your condition, we enjoy an unusually high clinical success rate. This appproach includes:

1) Cranial Restoration System. This cranial adjusting approach is gentle, safe and effective. It is tailored to the individual patient, rather than “one-size-fits-all”. This rare method has only been taught to thirteen other doctors. It includes the muscle re-education that gets the brain and the muscles to work together again. This therapeutic approach will soon be undergoing a name change and getting a brand new website and directory.

2) Pain Neutralization Techniques. These methods use nerve reflexes and acupuncture areas to make trigger points (tender and often radiating areas in muscle) turn back into normal, comfortable and functional tissue. It can also help improve joint ranges of motion.

3) Injury Recall Technique. The body remembers its own history! Sprains, fractures, concussions, whiplashes, operations of all kinds and many more invasive medical and dental interventions are registered in the body as injuries (even if they helped to save the patient’s life!) The body will remain unnecessarily contracted and less able to heal until the memories of these events have been processed (sometimes, unfortunately, MANY years—or even decades—later.

4) BioSequencing. I’ve recently added some powerful 21st century homeopathic interventions to my work. When physiological (functional) problems have stacked up over the years, we can safely use the HumanKind remedies to stimulate healing in the body. These remedies help the body’s cells, tissues, organs and systems to rebuild, detoxify, and help the immune system finish old battles. There are no side effects, allergies, drug interactions or overdoses possible with these FDA-approved remedies.

5) In addition to these three non-forceful approaches, I will sometimes use methods from chiropractic, osteopathy, cranial, Chinese meridian, nutrition, energetic psychology, food and inhalant desensitization and other fields to help you in your quest for recovery.

You may have already decided that you would like to work with me, even if it means you have to do some travelling. If so, you can write back or leave me a voice mail at Head 2 Foot. The phone number is 713-831-6875. Then we can work out the details and start setting appointments. You can also send me an email if you have other questions that I haven’t answered to your satisfaction by the time you finish reading.

There are some travel details at I’d recommend that you plan on a stay of two weeks, if at all possible, so we can do some work every day the office is open. This will allow us to condense your treatment program into something that lets us get the necessary work done for you to get relief AND be stable enough to return home in good shape.

With local people, we have the luxury of being able to work once a week for a while. It’s more difficult for people from out of town when they have a job or kids; and have to stay in hotels, eat out and rent a car to stay for months on end, unless they are lucky enough to have friends or relatives in town that they can stay with.

I have discounted individual and family package rates available for people who are undergoing an intensive program of care with me. Whether or not you opt to purchase a package of visits, the longer initial visit is billed at double the office visit rate. The initial visit is about 30 minutes, and includes consultation, examination and first treatment. Product costs are separate from service fees.

My current visit-by-visit rates are $170 for the longer initial visit, and $85 for regular office visits after that. In any of our prepaid packages, the initial visit counts as two visits. Package rates can save you a substantial amount:

Five-vist package: $375, or $75 per visit
Ten-visit package: $700, or $70 per visit
Fifteen-visit package: $1,025, or about $68/visit
Twenty-visit package: $1300, or $65 per visit.

If you are visiting for an intensive treatment schedule for chronic pain, I would recommend that you plan to get a 10-20 visit package. Depending on whether you can stay one week or two weeks (less intense treatment schedule) we’ll put in more work time each day or a little less.

The packages are good for two years or March of 2016, whichever comes first. You can use all of the visits yourself, or can share them with family, friends, co-workers, etc. You are welcome to invite one or two people in the treatment room with you while we work. Each person’s first visit counts as a double visit, because it takes longer. Homeopathic remedies, when applicable are charged separately. Please confirm with the staff that the fees quoted above are current, in case they change before this web page does!

It is also possible that you want to try to find someone closer to home who may use another cranial method by itself, or Pain Neutralization Technique by itself or some other method I use in isolation. You may get the help you need, and we will both be delighted about that. In fact, I would love to hear about any outstanding clinician who helps you in a significant way.

I can’t, and won’t, take any legal or moral responsibility for the skill level, competency, effectiveness or safety of any other practitioner you decide to visit. I also am obligated to let you know that I cannot promise anything but my best efforts: I cannot guarantee results. I am also forbidden by law to ask you to continue, discontinue, increase or decrease your dosage of prescribed medications. I will gladly consult with the prescribing physician if they would like to do so on your behalf.

Here are some links:

Bio Cranial: That organization is now split into two different groups. One of them publishes a directory that you can visit at The other organization offers a practitioner lookup at

There is another cranial method called Neuro Cranial Integration. They have a directory at I have used it with good success, but always in conjunction with my own proprietary work to strengthen muscles. The muscle re-integration work is not taught along with this cranial method, while it is part of the CRS curriculum.

Nowadays, I primarily use a newer cranial technique—Cranial Restoration System—to restore muscle function and end the cycle of straining and compensating. I am one of the two co-developers of this technique. Much of the pain people endure comes from soft tissue mechanical stress that pulls on the spine and irritates spinal nerves. This is one of the more precise and gentle approaches to addressing pain arising from these causes.

I have been involved in teaching this group of procedures. Not many practitioners have studied these methods, yet. This approach is not another version of methods where the neck is stretched with the patient lying on the back. It is also unlike the many chiropractic upper cervical adjusting methods in common usage, though it powerfully addresses the upper cervical spine and its alignment and health.

In my own practice, I use all of the cranial and dural release methods mentioned above, as well as some other ones I have learned elsewhere. One of the most common questions I receive is: “Is what you do the same as CranioSacral Technique?” This body of work was developed by Dr. John Upledger. It is not at all like the work I do in my own practice.

I work a lot with an advanced group of techniques called Pain Neutralization Techniques to eliminate painful myofascial trigger points: a major issue with fibro and chronic pain sufferers. Some of these techniques have powerful effects on healing in general, and on reducing widespread inflammation.

Dr. Stephen Kaufman teaches Pain Neutralization Technique. He does not offer a directory, but you can call his office at 303-756-9567 in Denver to see whether a referral is possible. I know that there is at least one practitioner in the UK, one in Germany and one in India. Sorry, but I have no way to keep up with who is where or how talented they are in using Dr. Kaufman‘s excellent methods.

Dr. McKittrick Austin Hyatt teaches BioSequencing to Doctors of Chiropractic and allows them to use her powerful homeopathic formulas after they have studied with her. She does not publish a directory of these doctors, so you would have to call to find out whether there might be a qualified practitioner in your area. Learn more about these approaches at These deep-acting healing methods are enhancing results with other health and energy issues that frequently accompany or complicate chronic pain patterns.

I hope this reply is helpful to you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.

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