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This article originally appeared in:

The Chiropractic Journal

A publication of the World Chiropractic Alliance

October 2006

Famed band Chicago 'Feelin' Stronger Every Day'

The legendary rock band Chicago was formed in 1967 but, nearly four decades later, it's still performing to cheering crowds, traveling around the country and giving as many as 15 concerts a month. It's no wonder, according to Chicago assistant tour manager, Robert Dannic, the band has always had access to both massage therapists and chiropractors during their grueling tour schedules.

Various chiropractors were called on an as-needed basis wherever the band was performing, resulting in an array of treatments, no uniformity and sometimes unsatisfactory results.

When Dannic's own chiropractor, Phillip Pinto, DC, of Northridge, Calif., began using Bio Cranial work on him, he said he was "amazed at the results. My energy level was enhanced and the chronic pains in my back and knee were alleviated. I was able to work the long hours involved in the touring business with a newfound vigor."

Naturally, he recommended Bio Cranial to the band as well. "With the stresses placed on the performers on a daily basis, I wanted to share the benefits of Bio Cranial," Dannic explained. "Since we travel in close proximity to each other on motor coaches, great care is taken to keep our eating and sleeping areas clean and germ free. Bio Cranial and taking a prescribed regimen of supplements has kept me in all around good health for nearly a year. All of these factors led me to seek a way to have uniform treatments provided for us all at every stop on our tour."

Pinto, who has been arranging for certified Bio Cranial doctors at each stop on the tour, received an e-mail from Dannic that said, "You have taken our needs to heart and have made a great friend of Bio Cranial to a new group of people."

Dannic said he wouldn't be surprised if other musicians begin asking for Bio Cranial work since he's already passed on his recommendations. "This is a small business we are in. Word of BCT will spread like wildfire. I tell anyone who will listen, and all those who have had BCT do the same."

Bio Cranial technique was developed in the late 1980s by Dr. Robert Boyd in Ireland and is based on correcting the underlying distortions to the cranial bones that contract and distort the dura mater. These distortions lead to chronic distortions throughout the spine causing subluxations and an over-contraction of the whole nervous system.

As explained by Craig Ross, DC, a Bio Cranial practitioner and instructor, the procedure does not require feeling for cranial rhythms, cranial faults or other segmental dysfunctions. A global correction of the 22 cranial bones is done in a very precise manner that takes as little as two minutes. ... "What has drawn many of the doctors and their patients to this technique is the great response in both visceral and musculoskeletal conditions. Bio Cranial practitioners emphasize non-musculoskeletal and wellness practices with confidence in their results."

Band manager Dannic noted, "The main difference I see is the degree of vitality and absence of sickness to all (band members and crew) who use the Bio Cranial technique."

The Bio Cranial Instructor Team work very hard at ensuring that their practitioners can duplicate the precise nature of this technique. When Dannic was asked the difference with Bio Cranial care to previous providers, he answered with one word" "Uniformity."

Dannic added that "each practitioner has conducted himself in a professional manner. I know that the situation backstage can be a little off putting to the uninitiated, rather hectic and impersonal. The doctors have been calm and personal during their brief time with each band member. A true testament of their powers to heal through human interaction as well as touch."

The executive director of the Bio Cranial Institute is excited by the acceptance of this technique with the band. "We strive for every practitioner to be able to perform a Bio Cranial correction to the level of the developer himself, Dr. Robert Boyd."

For more information on Bio Cranial technique, visit www.BioCranial.com or call 847-387-5550.

For additional information and tour dates for Chicago, visit www.ChicagotheBand.com.


Note: Dr. Stuart Marmorstein treated Chicago during Spring of 2007.

From June 2007 edition of Natural Awakenings (Houston)

Bio Cranial Therapy the Choice of Rock Stars

What do the rock band, Chicago, and many Americans have in common? They love receiving Bio Cranial Therapy, a holistic healing method developed by Irish Osteopath, Dr. Robert Boyd.

Boyd introduced this method of realigning the 22 bones of the skull to US doctors in the late 1980s. It has gained wide acceptance among patients because it can quickly remove the structural stress from the spine and muscles that causes pain. People with many health and energy problems, including fibromyalgia, TMJ trouble, headaches, and a variety of internal disorders have reported major health improvements from this procedure.

Dr. Stuart Marmorstein, a local chiropractor who practices and teaches Bio Cranial Therapy has been using this method for nine years. He will be going to San Diego in early June to offer advanced instruction to the chiropractors, MDs, osteopaths, naturopaths and acupuncturists who have already received Bio Cranial training at the annual Homecoming event. He treated Chicago during their most recent visit to Houston.