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Brain Chemistry: a HUGE factor
in health and well-being.

What you feel is real: It's not just a state of mind. It could be your brain chemistry. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following, we may be able to help.

Brain chemistry imbalance can cause:

Natural, drugless help for lifetime
depression, insomnia, anxiety and focus issues.

B. Spector took care of her insomnia and depression through Dr. Marmorstein's brain chemistry balancing program. I became aware of Neurogistics and brain chemical balancing through my visits with Dr. Stuart Marmorstein. Depression and insomnia have been constant battles my entire adult life (and at age 53 this is not how I want to live). Recently the insomnia has become unbearable, so rather than going to the doctor for sleeping pills or to a psychiatrist for antidepressants I chose to try Neurogistics. Personal experience has taught me that antidepressants are not the solution.

I began the brain chemical balancing program in December 2007. Within 2 days I was sleeping 5 - 7 hours per night, a huge improvement from the 3 - 4 hours prior. I am much less anxious and agitated and my attitude is greatly improved. Before I began this program I had difficulty focusing, and hardly any motivation to do anything. I'm much better now. I realize there is room for improvement and will continue to work the brain chemical balancing protocols until I am back to functioning 100%. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Marmorstein and the Neurogistics program.


B. Spector, Weimar, TX

CAUTION:The testing we do is not designed to diagnose specific physical or mental/emotional disorders. Our goal is to help guide you toward rebuilding a healthy balance of neurotransmitter substances using targeted nutritional supplements. Do not discontinue or change the dosage of any medications you may be taking without consulting the physician who prescribed them.

Head to Foot has chosen to partner with Neurogistics, an experienced Texas-based company that specializes in offering testing and reporting services and state-of-the-art supplementation for rebalancing brain chemistry. After deciding that we wanted to become involved with neurotransmitter balance, we visited with the founding partners of the company and were impressed with their track record in treating patients suffering with the problems shown above, and others. There are companies and books that advocate using amino acid therapy to balance neurotransmitter levels. We feel that a combination of patient questionnaire and urine testing is needed to ensure that the patient gets a reliable evaluation and an appropriate treatment protocol.

Neurogistics is the best in the industry. Their service is excellent, and they have done everything they can to minimize unnecessary costs to the patient. Visit their home page to get started with their program, and use my Practitioner ID number: M2018 so that I can participate with you in monitoring and follow-up.

As is the case with any of our health care services, Brain Chemistry Balancing can help you or your love ones whether you are currently experiencing a problem or not. Healthy people can gain a significant functional edge by balancing their brain chemistry. People who have experienced chronic stress or chronic pain, and people with certain genetic predispositions are LIKELY to be out of balance, and to benefit from this program.