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The Bio Cranial System: A Gentle, Natural and Fast-Acting Vitalistic Healing Approach

Biocranial doctors like Stuart Marmorstein of Houston, Texas adjust the bones of the skull to improve your health.Now and then during the course of living, we run into a genius. Robert Boyd, D.O. lives and practices in the U.K. with his wife, Vera. Dr. Boyd is the founder and developer of the BCS. His insights into the workings of the human system are breathtaking in their scope. Their implications for Doctors of Chiropractic and for health seekers everywhere are enormous. I have had the good fortune to study with this man of vision for several years, and am now part of his teaching team.

The photograph above shows a real human skull, or cranium. We all have one, but most of us know very little about the functioning of our cranium during life. We know that the jaw, or mandible, goes up and down to chew our food; and we know that the whole skull contains and protects the brain, which represents a full 80% of our central nervous system.

The skull is made up of 22 interlocking bones (not counting the small bones in the ear or the lower jaw bone) which are in a constant involuntary rhythmic motion. This motion coincides with the pumping of cerebrospinal fluid around the skull and up and down the spinal canal. This fluid bathes and nourishes the nerves. Cranial motion stimulates the pituitary gland and is a major influence on the endocrine gland system. NASA has actually measured this cranial motion. Read the article.

The Dura Mater: Tough and Important

The duramater covers the brain and attaches to the inside of the skull. One of the most critical aspects of the cranial structure is a lining that attaches to the inner surface of the skull. This lining is known as the dura mater, which means "tough mother" in Latin because it is the toughest tissue in the body.

The dura is critical to every aspect of life. This membrane, thin and strong like the nylon in a parachute or backpack, adheres to the inside of the skull. It then exits the skull and physically anchors into the upper neck region and to the sacrum. If something were to cause a pull or contraction in the dura in or near its attachment points in the skull, this contraction would also be transmitted to the neck and low back regions. In fact, this process has been filmed.

This state of contraction in the dura is a reality. The trauma of the birth process assures this, because during birth the shape and motion of the skull become distorted. The tension arising in the cranium from this distortion actually creates specific vertebral subluxations! The tension also infiltrates the fascia, a continuous thin sheath that surrounds every bone, blood vessel, muscle, and organ in the body!

What Doctor Boyd Discovered

Dr. Boyd, an osteopathic physician involved in cranio-sacral research, discovered a way to release the contraction in the dura that predisposes us to have spinal structural problems and other health problems which are caused or worsened by the dural contraction. Even though his technique is simple (though very precise), it corrects the individual segmental problems in the spinal column. In short, it enables the chiropractor to adjust the spine without having to move the individual spinal bones! By relaxing the tension in the dura where it attaches to the neck and sacrum, the spine realigns itself. The relaxation that takes place in the soft tissue around the blood vessels allows better blood circulation, which in turn encourages healing in all of the tissues in the body.

The BCS has enabled many of my patients to enjoy faster and more lasting improvements than they have experienced with other methods. In many cases, people with very chronic and entrenched problems have responded well, even after long periods of frustration following the use of other medical and holistic therapies.

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Biocranial Bio Cranial Video by Dr. Stuart Marmorstein of Houston, Texas
Former Senior Bio Cranial Instructor Dr. Stuart Marmorstein of Houston, Texas explains this approach.

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