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Barth T. Conard, MD Orthopedic Surgeon helped by Dr. Stewart Marmorstein

This letter is delayed and late and I apologize, but it is difficult to exactly put into words or describe what you do or how well you do it, or how much you have helped my family. We have gone through different narratives and I am not sure any of them would do justice and I am not sure that anybody would believe about half of what I have observed and/or the benefits my family has experienced.

Personally, the last time I saw Dr. Marmorstein was when I was in Iowa. I was having right leg L5 radiculopathy with pressure on a nerve going down my right leg to the top of my foot. I didn't have big toe weakness, but I certainly was not feeling great. Orthopedically this is something that I would treat with a nerve root injection or with an epidural, and lots of medicine including narcotic medication. Somehow, amazingly, five minutes before I was leaving and you were going to leave I mentioned this to you and through your, what I would call, "Selective Bio Cranial" all of my leg pain went away. Interestingly, I have seen you do so many other similar amazing things I guess I was not surprised that suddenly I had no pain. What you did in about 45 seconds would have taken me one to three months to pull off as an orthopedist. We would have required one to three epidurals, different types of physical therapy, lots of medication, and I think I could have possibly obtained the same result but obviously my path would be very different and certainly less efficient.

In a similar fashion you have helped my shoulders. My diagnoses are often limited via the multiple tests that I run and I have not obtained MRIs of my shoulders. But, I am aware that my shoulders bother me significantly, even at times to where I am concerned about my ability to perform simple surgical tasks. The day before you helped my back and my right leg you helped both of my shoulders with your Kinesiology and your incredibly well-performed Bio Cranials. As an orthopedist I would have taken a different route and I am not sure I would have ended up in the same place. Orthopedically, shoulder problems are often managed conservatively. Our data suggests that we have an 85% good result managing shoulder problems but we typically require three to six months and that involves doing a lot of stuff.

I really appreciate what you have done for my son who had significant right-sided problems secondary to an extremely traumatic birth and pretty significant facial asymmetry. We have obtained head MRIs, cervical MRIs, and could not find anything wrong but he couldn't really turn his head to the right. He had lots of pain. He is eight years old at this moment and for the last 1 1/2 years or so, since you have worked on him, all of his cervical and head issues have pretty much subsided. Maximizing my neurosurgical/radiographic modalities I did not actually have a diagnosis for my son. I was kind of lost in space as he was having a lot of dysfunction and trouble. Once again, your Bio Cranial and your Kinesiology have made him instantly better in 30 seconds and he has remained so.

In summary, I would very much look forward to any classes that you would ever offer on diagnosis and treatment and/or Kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system. I didn't get this information as an orthopedic resident and I usually did stay awake during most of my classes.

Thank you,

Barth T. Conard, M.D.
Vice Chair, Medical Staff Officers
Witham Hospital, Lebanon, IN

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